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Featured Snow Business Magazine columns of D. Beckman

Darryl Beckman spoke at a presentation to snow clearing contractors at Rutgers University in December. His topic was avoiding liability and defense of lawsuits.

C Edge Snow Services secured the account for the local outdoor shopping mall, and was ready to begin services upon the first sign of a winter storm.  The first storm of the season came in early December, but Edge was prepared.  Edge pre-treated the area, and although the storm ended up as a major

While politicians and scientists argue about climate change and the cause of same, there is no question we are seeing storms increasing in intensity, including the recent historic blizzard known as Winter Storm Nemo.  When faced with a storm of such significant magnitude, it is not unlikely small

1. Review customer contracts: This is a perfect time to meet with customers to make sure they are satisfied with your services, possibly sell additional services, and renew contracts. Check all existing contracts to make sure the following are discussed:

I recently participated in a presentation to snow clearing professionals at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

Just as you are preparing for the upcoming snow season by checking your equipment and ordering chemicals, you should be taking the following steps.  Now is the perfect time to take these actions, before you are out in the field plowing snow.

Simple mistakes sometimes result in costly lawsuits.  The following discussion is based on actual claims, and although the situations are real, I changed the names the protect the innocent.

I have practiced law for over 25 years, and spent the majority of that time in representation of large and small snow and ice management companies.   More than any other question, I am asked about contracts for snow clearing and deicing services.

From a business perspective, it is extremely important you select qualified subcontractors, as the snow clearing and deicing services provided by your subcontractors is a direct reflection of your company, and will directly affect the ability of your company to keep your customer happy, and keep

The beginning months of this winter snow season have been extremely busy and hopefully profitable months for snow and ice management companies, but have also resulted in a significant number of claims.

About 80% of my law practice is devoted to legal representation and/or consulting work on behalf of snow and ice management companies.  Throughout this work, a number of recent trends have developed, resulting in significant discussion with my clients concerning recommended activities.  These are

After over 25 years of experience in the practice of law, and extensive representation of snow and ice professionals for the past 17 years, I can unequivocally state the most important element in the attorney/client relationship is trust.  Earning the trust of new clients is sometimes a difficult

In an effort to educate and inform the readers of this tremendous magazine, I write a column discussing somewhat complex and technical areas such as defense and indemnification, insurance coverage, and litigation strategy.  In truth, these are areas demanding my attention on a daily basis, but ar